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Thinking about studying or working abroad as part of your culinary studies? 
Students from Abroad has lots of useful information and solutions to have a great educational experience in Florence, a town who has more than ten-thousand international students each year.


Enrolments are open from January to September. In order to enrol at the courses of the Academy, students must hold the High School diploma. Foreign candidates are required to have an equivalent qualification and a good knowledge of Italian language, necessary to attend the courses. Course enrolment includes: 

1. payment of the proposed fee

2. presentation of the documents required for registration: 
>> 2.1. the application form, duly completed and signed 
>> 2.2. a photocopy of an I.D. 
>> 2.3. 6 photocards 
>> 2.4. photocopy of your last educational qualification (Diploma, Degree, etc.) 
>> 2.5. receipt of payment of the registration fee 

The payment of the registration fee have to be by bank transfer. The coordinates for the bank transfer are to be obtained from the Educational Secretariat. The Management may decide to close the entries even before the deadline set in case of reaching the maximum acceptable number of applications.

Afterthat you will receive an Acceptance Letter to ask for a Passport Visa at the nearest Italian Embassy. 

Visa / Passport

After the sending of your Acceptance Letter you have to follow two steps to close your acceptance process as foreign student in Italy.
1. Apply for a visa if you need one (mainly students that come from non-EU countries). 
2. Apply for a residence permit by registering with the local police (Questura), within eight working days of your arrival in Italy.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a fundamental step in students’ education and an important tool in helping them through their academic growth. 

After your arrival in Italy you can ask for an academic advising to assist you in developing your academic potential and exploring educational opportunities. Through the relationship established between advisor and student within a friendly, helpful, and professional atmosphere, foreing students have the opportunity to: learn about educational options, degree requirements, and academic policies and procedures; clarify educational objectives; plan and pursue programs consistent with abilities, interests, and life goals. 

Ultimately, the student is responsible for seeking adequate academic advice, for knowing and meeting degree requirements, and for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure orderly and timely progress toward a degree.

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